Economic profile

With a GDP of over € 1.7 trillion and a population of over 60 million, Italy is the world’s 9th largest economy. Italy is one of only five countries in the world whose manufactured products have an export trade surplus (over € 47 mln).

Italy’s control over public finance has been among the most solid in the Eurozone in the last 7 years. Since 2012 the deficit has been consistently below the 3% ceiling, and Italy had the highest primary surplus on average (1.1%) during the 2009-2016 period.

Italy is also one of the world’s most iconic destinations, combining an unmatched cultural heritage and striking sceneries with one of Europe’s top performing and most diversified economy. Located at the centre of the Mediterranean Sea and with 40 major ports and 42 airports, Italy is a strategic gateway for trade between Europe, North Africa and the Middle East. 

The export of goods and services continues to provide a decisive and positive contribution to the fate of the Italian economy: in the first half of 2018, in fact, it contributed to the formation of GDP by over 31%. And the forecasts are for a further increase in 2019 up to 32%.

Italy is the 2nd largest manufacturer in Europe; 5th top manufacturer in the world; 9th largest exporter worldwide, with almost € 500 billion of export annually (goods and services). Also, Italy is the first European producer of pharmaceutical goods. 

Economic profile