Ansett Aviation creates the first flight simulator for Canadair in Malpensa (2019)


Investor company description

Ansett Aviation Training is an Australian company operating in the field of flight simulators. It is the largest independent provider of training services to pilots and flight companies with flight simulators at a global level. 

Investment description 

Ansett Aviation Training wanted to strengthen its European aviation training base in Malpensa, by creating the first flight simulator for the Bombardier CL-415 aircraft – better known as Canadair – the most used tool for extinguishing fires. The aim is to reduce the costs and risks of training related to the use of an aircraft without proper preparation (statistically representing 50% of the total training accidents).

The “Invest in Italy” team, together with Promos-Invest in Lombardy and Invitalia, supported the company throughout the process of receiving the Development Contract incentive program for large industrial investments.


Accompanying facilities required:

- Support for incentive research

- Aftercare support


Press Release

-  Investimenti esteri, Ansett Aviation Training apre a Malpensa il primo simulatore per Canadair

In Italia il primo simulatore di volo al mondo per Canadair

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