EBARA investment in Vicenza (2018)


Investor company description

Ebara Pumps Europe SpA is part of the global Ebara Corporation group, a Japanese engineering company specializing in the manufacture and distribution of industrial and environmental machinery. Ebara is a leading supplier of pumps and pumping systems in Europe, with a strong focus on innovation, sustainability, and customer service.

The settlement of Ebara in Italy starts in the nineties when the headquarters was settled in Brendola to take advantage of the local skills. Since then, the presence of Ebara in Europe has grown as well as its skills and collaboration with the territory.

Investment description

Opening of a new production plant in Gambellara, Vicenza. The aim is to bolster the company’s production capacity, concurrently with the business expansion in the growing worldwide pumps market.


Accompanying facilities required:

-  Assistance for paperwork

-  Assistance for residence permits


Press Release

-  EBARA increases Pump Productive Capacity in Italy

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