Equinix opens a new data center in Milan (2020)


Investor company description

Equinix, Inc. is an American multinational based in California, specializing in Internet connection and related services. It operates 210 data centers in 55 markets worldwide. The firm has nearly 10,000 customers, including 1,800 networks, that are dispersed over five verticals: Cloud and IT Services, Content Providers, Network and Mobile Services, Financial Services, and Enterprise. 

Equinix enables hundreds of enterprise tenants to housing their servers and networking equipment in a colocated environment. Tenants can then connect with each other, cloud service providers, and telecom networks.

Investment description

On November 2020, Equinix has officially opened the new ML5 Datacenter in Milan with the support of the "Invest in Italy team". Two Italian Government representatives attended the opening event: The Undersecretary of State Mr. Di Stefano and ITA Head of FDI, Mr. Nigro.


Accompanying facilities required:

- Tax and government investment incentives information 

- Dialogue with interlocutors for speeding up procedures



Launch of Milano ML5, the new Equinix data center in Italy

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