GEAviation takes off in Italy with Avio Aero (2019)


Investor company description 

Avio Aero is part of the American Aerospace company GE Aviation, leader in the production of aircraft engines worldwide. Avio Aero operates in the design, production and maintenance of components and systems for civil and military aviation. 

The company is headquartered in Turin and has several production sites throughout Italy, in Poland and in Czech Republic.

Investment description

Avio Aero wanted to further develop the Brindisi (Puglia) and Pomigliano D’Arco (Campania) production sites. The “Invest in Italy” team supported the company throughout the process of receiving the Development Contract incentive program for large industrial investments.

The new investments, according with the National Plan Industry 4.0. , mainly focused on the development and industrialization of innovative products and processes, based on new technologies such as additive manufacturing, advanced manufacturing and industrial digitalization.


Accompanying facilities required:

- Support for incentive research


Press Release

-  Video interview: Launch of Milano ML5, the new Equinix data center in Italy

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