Gemateg reinforces its business in Perugia (2020)


Investor company description 

GemaTEG is an American company specializing in renewable energies headquartered in Seattle. In particular, GemaTeg is specialized in the development of thermoelectric systems for the recovery of waste heat from servers. Its solutions offer double total energy harvesting generating electric power and hot water.

Investment description

GemaTEG opened a new office in Perugia (Umbria) to reinforce its activities, in particular the development of thermoelectric systems for the recovery of heat generated by servers. This demonstrates the willingness to reinforce and concentrate R&D activities in Italy where the Group recognizes strong technical and specialist expertise.

The “Invest in Italy” team, including its office in San Francisco and Invitalia, supported GemaTEG throughout the process of locating a suitable area for the business and receiving the Smart&Start incentive. In doing so, the company obtained financial support for ongoing and future R&D activities.



Accompanying facilities required:

- Support for location scouting

- Support for the research of public/private financing instruments to support R&D and growth


Press Release

Gemateg Group accelerates growth plans

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