Naturgy expands into the Italian renewables market (2021)


Investor company description 

Naturgy Energy Group, S.A. is a multinational energy company based in Spain. It operates in more than 30 countries, providing gas and electricity to more than 18 million customers worldwide.

The company's main activities include the generation, distribution, and commercialization of natural gas, electricity, and other energy-related products and services. Their current Strategic Plan envisages growth in Renewables in Europe with a target of 5.2 GW, of which approximately 10% is in Italy.

Investment description

Naturgy opened a commercial business office in Rome where it coordinates and promotes the implementation of its investments in renewable energy in Italy. The company has announced two agrivoltaic solar projects to be developed in Apulia and Lazio, with a combined capacity of approximately 200 MW plus a further 35 MW of battery storage. 

The choice to invest in Italy was driven by the important development plans that Italy has in place (Piano Nazionale Integrato Energia e Clima, with almost 30 GW of new solar power plants and almost 9 GW of new wind power plants), the powerful renewable energy resources and the industrial and business capabilities of the country.

The “Invest in Italy” team helped the company throughout the process of evaluating the best location for its business office and dealing with the work environment and legal issues.


Accompanying facilities required:

- Location scouting & site visit

- Recruitment and labour law services

- Legal services



Press Release

Naturgy Ventures Into Italian Renewables Market Naturgy developing 200 MW of agrivoltaics in Italy

Naturgy developing 200 MW of agrivoltaics in Italy

Naturgy desembarca en Italia con un megaplan de despliegue de renovables


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