Solitek opens a solar modules factory in Southern Italy (2022)


Investor company description

Solitek is a Lithuanian company specializing in the technology of double-sided panels. It researches, develops, manufactures, sells and installs high-quality glass-glass solar panels, for the rooftops of any kind, integrated into buildings (BIPV) or stand-alone on the ground.

Investment description

Creation of a new solar module manufacturing plant in Benevento, Southern Italy. The business unit will provide solar panels for agro-installations (AgroPV) that produce electricity, give shade to plants and protect them against adverse weather conditions.

Two significant factors led to the decision to invest in Italy: the mild climate which makes our country an ideal environment for agro-installations compared to Northern Europe, and the growing demand for sustainable energy specifically in the agricultural industry.

The “Invest in Italy” team supported the company throughout the process of evaluating the available investment incentives.


Accompanying facilities required:

- Support for incentive research


Press Release

Solitek invests 50 million Euro in new PV module factory

Agrivoltaico: Solitek aprirà una fabbrica di moduli solari a Benevento

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