DESA opens a new production unit in Tuscany (2022)


investment overview


Investor company description 

Founded in Istanbul in 1972 by the Çelet family, Desa is one of Turkey's largest manufacturers, retailers and exporters of leather, leather garments, bags and accessories. The company is vertically integrated with a tannery, two finished goods facilities, and 116 shops. Desa employs 2,000 people in Turkey and is quoted in the Stock Exchange of Istanbul since 2004. Desa is also a JV partner of Samsonite for Turkey and 5 neighbouring countries.

In 2023 the Group recorded revenues of 1.36 billion Turkish liras (approximately 82 million euros) and a profit of 287 million liras (17 million euros). Desa accounts for ca. 70% of all leather bags exported from Turkey to Italy every year.

Investment description 

Opening a development and production facility in Tuscany to produce leather goods from cutting to assembling and finishing and completing semi-finished products produced in other Desa facilities. The company asked for information on incentives applicable to the project and information on Made in Italy's rules and support in the recruitment process.

The Invest in Italy team, including the Italian Trade Agency, its office in Istanbul and Invitalia, has started the support for the location scouting and the possibilities of incentives, and putting the company in contact with the Tuscany region.


Accompanying facilities required:

- Support for incentive research

- Support for locating locations


Press Release

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Invest in Italy - A success story on DESA

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