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Proderma Cosmeceutici srls was born from the experience of the Promontorio family in the chemical-pharmaceutical field first and then, in more recent times, in the cosmeceutical environment.
Since the end of the 70s and for ten years, our CEO has managed with his father a pharmaceutical chemistry plant near Rome for the production of fine chemicals (antibiotics, coenzymes and phosphorylated vitamins, sulfonamides and others API).

At the end of the 1980s, an innovative trichological molecule specific for use in advanced cosmetics was developed in this pharmaceutical chemistry company, Triaminodil®.
This molecule was studied as a specific alternative to an antihypertensive drug, minoxidil, which in those years was having a great success, because it had shown a particular side effect: hirsutism. Thanks to this side effect as a hypotensive, minoxidil had a second life in trichology as an active ingredient in anti-hair loss lotions. However, the specialists had doubts about the potential risk of hy-potensive activity even in topical use.

Triaminodil® was synthesized starting from a part of the minoxidil molecule, the one we thought was most active trichologically, and processed so that it did not present a systemic hypotensive activity.
Triaminodil®, therefore, is not a derivative of minoxidil, but a parallel molecule in its own, much more effective as an anti-fall active ingredient, in particular in the treatment of alopecia areata, and do not show systemic hypotensive activity in topical use, such as experimentally proved.

Triaminodil® was regularly notified to the ISS, Istituto Superiore di Sanità (Higher Institute of Health, scientific and regulatory institute of Italian MOH), as required by the legislation of the time, as a trichological raw material for cosmetic use. The notification was regularly accepted by the New Molecules Notification Unit of the Institute after acquiring a series of in vivo and in vitro laboratory tests of Triaminodil® which had been carried out by the most prestigious Italian universities. These tests were required to evaluate the clinical safety profile.

Once the marketing authorization was obtained, Triamonodil® was used as the main active principle to create a list of functional trichocosmetic products for the care hair beauty. Thanks to the superior and innovative characteristics, the products in the list proved highly successful both among the specialists (the choice of the marketing channel was the pharmaceutical one) and with the public from the very beginning of the marketing action.

During the following years other dermocosmetic products (for acne, baby, cleansing, skin, etc.) were introduced, always of high quality, functional and innovative profile as regards formulation and presentation form.

All Proderma Cosmeceutici products have been formulated and designed according to various specialists’ technical and scientific support, therefore taking into account their requirements as well as the end users ‘ones.
This qualitative/functional choice has allowed us to create products lined up with modern dermatology requirements and they turned out highly successful.

The production is in outsourcing while Proderma Cosmeceutici is directly involved in the marketing of the products through wholesalers and pharmacies, managing and coordinating a pharmaceutical representatives network throughout Italy:
this team operates under the supervision of a marketing and medical propaganda manager.

In recent years, sales have been developed, currently expanding, also in other countries (Europe, Middle and Far East), through local dealers.

Proderma Cosmeceutici is currently preparing the "landing" on the web, given the very high development potential offered by the Net.

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Less than 75.000 Euro


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Product list 2023

Presentation of products - Description of the products and their presentation to the specialist

Brochure of Triaminodil® with technical and clinical data

Treatment lines NOVOXIDYL and SEBOEX - Trichological and dermatological lines for the treatment of the alopecia and seborrheic dermatitis of the scalp and the body.




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Hair lotion with Triaminodil®, esculoside, lauric acid, genistein and beta 1.3/1.6 glucan to normalize the functions of pilosebaceous follicle.
Novoxidyl phytocomplex is particularly indicated in the treatment of male and female alopecia or telogen effluvium due to various etiopathologies.
> Box of 20 or 40 pre-scratched 2 ml dark-glass vials with vial-breaker and
> Box of 12 pre-scratched 5 ml dark-glass vials with vial-breaker and
> 60 ml bottle with spray dispenser in its case


Anti-dandruff creamy shampoo containing Triaminodyl® and pyritione zinc. Excellent scalp anti-desquamation activity. Adjuvant in functional treatments against hair fall. Extra sweet washing basis containing anphoteric surfactants (betaines) and non ionic (acylglutamate).
> 200 ml bottle in its case


Trichological lotion based on Triaminodil®, hydroglycolic extract of cardiospermum halicacabum, ciclopiroxolamine, climbazole, vitamin E acetate and salicylic acid, for the treatment of flaking and irritation of the scalp caused by excess sebum.
> Box of 15 pre-scratched 2 ml dark-glass vials with vial-breaker and
> 30 ml bottle with spray dispenser in its case


Cleanser based on anphoteric surfactants (betaines) and non ionic (acylglutammates), physiological pH (5.5), extremely gentle on the skin. Excellent batteriostatic activity specific for seborroic or damaged skin. For frequent use on the whole body and on all skin types.
> 200 ml tube-bottle in its case


Mixture of sprinkling powders added to a watery gel containing smoothening and refreshing vegetal extracts and a natural film-forming agent. This innovative formula has eliminated the powders inhalation risk, advantageously replacing the traditional “dry” products, both for babies and adults.
> 100 ml bottle in its case