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23 Maggio 2023



The trade turnover between Turkmenistan and the EU countries in January-February 2023 amounted to €118.36 million, Trend news agency reported on Tuesday, citing the statistical office of the European Union - Eurostat. According to the agency, Turkmenistan's exports to the EU over the reporting period amounted to almost €36 million, which is almost half as much as in the same months of 2022 (€71.32). In the first two months of 2023, Turkmenistan imported European products worth €82.36 million, a 10.02 percent decrease compared to the same period in 2022 (€91.54 million). Turkmenistan mainly imported chemical products (€17.08 million) and minerals (€3.04 million) from the European Union from January to February 2023. Trade between Turkmenistan and the EU in 2022 amounted to one billion euros, which is 25.9 percent less than in 2021 (€1.35 billion). (ICE İSTANBUL)

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