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30 Giugno 2023

Regno Unito - Kazakistan


Ostro Minerals (UK) to invest in scientific products of Kazakh Institute of Nuclear PhysicsKazakh Minister of Energy Almasadam Satkaliyev met with President of Ostro Minerals (UK) Maurice Samuel Ostro."Ostro Minerals is interested in investing in the products of the Kazakh Institute of Nuclear Physics, radioactive isotopes used in manufacturing and radiopharmaceutical for the medical industry. The Institute of Nuclear Physics and Ostro Minerals signed an agreement on investment into the institute's scientific products," the Ministry said in a press release.No more details regarding the deal have been revealed.The Ministry of Energy earlier held a series of negotiations to raise investment in the Institute's production of radioisotopes to increase exports to European countries.The Kazakh Institute of Nuclear Physics produces radiopharmaceuticals used for the diagnosis and treatment of many types of cancer, as well as radioisotopes for manufacturing. The Institute produces 90% of the total output of radiopharmaceuticals in Kazakhstan, which are supplied to the country's healthcare facilities. In 2022, the institute made its first delivery to Germany. (ICE ALMATY)

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