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27 Settembre 2023

Russia - Kazakistan


Kazakhstan in talks with Russia to nearly triple projected gasoline imports for 2023Kazakhstan's Energy Ministry is negotiating with Russia's Energy Ministry regarding a nearly three-fold increase in the annual estimated volume of gasoline supplies to 110,000 tonnes from the current 40,000 tonnes, Kazakh Deputy Energy Minister Erlan Akkenzhenov said at a briefing on Monday.Akkenzhenov said that the request had been sent to the Russian ministry to raise the indicative balance by 70,000 tonnes this year. The decision has been taken owing to the planned repairs at the Atyrau Oil Refinery from October 1 to November 3."If the Atyrau plant finishes repairs well, then about 15,000 tonnes [should be required for supplies from Russia] in the month, specifically for October, and our calculations show that we should manage without these supplies in November and December, I hope," Akkenzhenov assured.Akkenzhenov believes that the country is unlikely to need the requested volumes."The whole meaning lies in the word 'indicative', meaning that this is approximately what we could need at some point, though our calculations indicate that we do not need the volume thus far," Akkenzhenov noted. (ICE ALMATY)

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