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9 Ottobre 2023

Russia - Kazakistan - Uzbekistan


Presidents of Russia, Uzbekistan, and Kazakhstan launch Russian gas supplies to UzbekistanThe Presidents of Russia, Kazakhstan, and Uzbekistan - Vladimir Putin, Kassym-Jomart Tokayev, and Shavkat Mirziyoyev - officially launched the Russian gas supplies to Uzbekistan at a ceremony on Saturday."It's the largest trilateral energy project that uses the Central Asia - Center gas pipeline, originally built in the 1960s. Initially, this pipeline transported gas from Uzbekistan to eight Soviet republics. Now, it has been reversed to support economic growth in Uzbekistan and partially Kazakhstan. Kazakhstan will be able to solve the gasification issue of its northern and eastern regions," Putin said at the ceremony.President Tokayev emphasized Kazakhstan's interest "in maximizing its transit potential to the full and further increasing the transportation of Russian gas."President Mirziyoyev reaffirmed Uzbekistan's commitment to forging a long-term partnership in the energy sector. He emphasized the urgency of importing additional gas volumes to meet the surging demand in Uzbekistan's domestic market.The groundwork for this collaborative effort was laid in late 2022 when the respective government departments of Russia, Kazakhstan, and Uzbekistan began addressing the gas supply issue.Gazprom, along with representatives from Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan, conducted a thorough technical audit of the gas transportation systems in both countries. The results led to the proposal of a combined route for the reverse transportation of Russian gas through Kazakhstan via the primary gas pipelines, Central Asia - Center - IV and Central Asia - Center - V.Gazprom signed action plans (road maps) with the Kazakh government and Uzbekistan's Ministry of Energy. These plans encompassed various organizational and technical measures, including diagnostic and repair work, construction of new infrastructure, and actions to reconnect gas suppliers and consumers.In June 2023, agreements were reached with Kazakh QazaqGaz and UzGaztrade JSC for the transportation of Russian natural gas through Kazakhstan and for the supply of natural gas to Uzbekistan.The preparations on the Russian side involved technical upgrades to the gas measuring station "SATS-IVK" at the Alexandrov Gai compressor station (CS). These upgrades enabled accurate accounting of transported gas according to the reverse scheme. Additionally, the gas measuring station underwent modifications, including installing additional input and output loops, shut-off valves, and gas flow regulators.Russian gas experts assisted Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan by supervising repair and restoration work at gas transportation facilities. They worked closely with leading manufacturers of pipe products and control valves to ensure the prompt delivery of essential resources. Additionally, a strong partnership with Russian Railways was established to streamline the transportation of pipe products from manufacturing plants to both Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan.Within Kazakhstan, pipe repairs were conducted at the SAC-IV and SAC-V MGs, involving the disconnection of jumpers from adjacent main gas pipelines and the reconnection of independent suppliers and consumers.Uzbekistan conducted the construction of a new gas measuring station, Karakalpakstan at the Kazakhstan border, built a new section in the main gas pipeline Bukhara - Ural, and performed maintenance on pipes and shut-off valves in the SAC-V main gas pipeline and undertaken restoration work on gas pumping units and power facilities at the Karakalpakiya and Akchalok compressor stations. (ICE ALMATY)

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