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23 Ottobre 2023

Russia - Kazakistan


No ban imposed on export of goods from Kazakhstan to Russia - Ministry of TradeThere is no ban on exports to Russia, but there is a special export regime for a number of goods in line with Kazakhstan’s international obligations, the Minister of Trade and Integration of the Republic Arman Shakkaliyev said.“I am telling with all responsibility that today we have no bans (on export - IF-K) to Russia regarding goods. As for goods subject to special export regime, (…) the ban is conditioned by our international obligations, including under the UN. There are 10 categories of such goods. Therefore, there is no ban on exports to Russia. This must be clearly understood," Shakkaliyev said at a briefing on Friday.He noted that Kazakhstan complies with all its obligations within the EAEU. “But at the same time, we comply with our international obligations,” the minister said.Shakkaliyev drew attention to the fact that the trade turnover between Kazakhstan and Russia is growing year on year, and that Russia is the main trading partner of Kazakhstan. Last year, Russia was in first place among the trading partners of Kazakhstan in terms of trade turnover."The trade turnover grew by 30% (in 2022 - IF-K). As for the present I would rather wait for the statistical data. But I am optimistic. In general, trade turnover is growing within the EAEU. I think this year will be no exception,” the head of the Ministry of Trade said. (ICE ALMATY)

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