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30 Ottobre 2023

Germania - Iraq


The Iraqi Ministry of Transport has announced the resumption of direct flights between Iraq and Germany and Denmark.According to a statement from the Ministry's media office, Minister Razak Mahjoub Al-Saadi conducted several high-level meetings with European officials, where the possibility of direct flights between Baghdad and various European capitals and cities was discussed, with successful outcomes.Starting from November 10th, there will be seven weekly flights to Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, Berlin, Copenhagen, and Munich.The statement affirms that the reopening of these routes to Europe through a joint operation aligns with the directives of Minister Razak Mahjoub Al-Saadi, recognizing them as effective destinations. This move will benefit the Iraqi community and open new avenues for cooperation between Iraq and these countries.The statement further highlights that this step reflects the continuous efforts of the Ministry of Transport and Iraqi Airways to lift the European ban on the airline. (ICE AMMAN)

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