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6 Dicembre 2023



In a recent report, the World Bank revealed a 1.7 percent increase in food prices by the end of October. This marks the fourth consecutive month of rising prices, following a 0.6 percent surge in June, 1.2 percent in August, and 1.3 percent in September. Notably, prices had declined for two consecutive months in July and May by 1.0 and 1.9, as reported by Al-Ghad. The general consumer price index in Jordan saw a 1.19 percent rise in inflation in September compared to last year. Cumulatively, inflation for the first nine months of this year increased by 2.31 percent compared to the same period last year.In Africa, North America, Latin America, South Asia, Europe, and Central Asia. In real terms, food price inflation surpassed overall inflation by 76 percent in 166 countries.The report highlighted a global trend of high inflation in food prices, with 61.9 percent of low-income countries experiencing inflation rates above 5 percent, an increase of 9.5 percentage points in the last three weeks. Additionally, 80 percent of countries with lower-middle-income witnessed an 8.6 percentage point decrease, and the same decrease was observed in 80 percent of countries with upper-middle-income.Half of the countries with higher-middle-income face inflation exceeding 10 percent, with a 12-percentage point drop in these nations. Meanwhile, 60 percent of high-income countries grapple with inflation in food prices, seeing a decrease of 7.3 percentage points.The report noted that, in the past two weeks, global agricultural and export price indices increased by 2 percent and 6 percent, respectively, while the grain price index decreased by 3 percent. The rise in export prices was driven by increases in cocoa, Arabica coffee, and cotton prices.Compared to January 2021, corn prices dropped by 13 percent, wheat prices by 16 percent, and rice prices increased by 20 percent.Meanwhile, among grains, corn and rice prices decreased by 5 percent and 2 percent, respectively, while wheat prices increased by 2 percent since the last update. On an annual basis, corn and wheat prices fell by 30 percent and 31 percent, respectively, while rice prices increased by 36 percent. (ICE AMMAN)

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