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7 Febbraio 2024



Suminoe Textile conferma investimentoThe Japanese Tier 1 Suminoe Textile Co., Ltd. announced, in a statement posted on its website, that it would invest in its Mexican subsidiary, Suminoe Textile de México, with the aim of expanding its production capacity to meet the growing demand for carpets. for automotive floors.The decision to invest in the country arises from a significant order for floor mats, with a monthly production capacity of 500,000 to 600,000 square meters, coming from a North American OEM, which has not been named so far. This order will be managed by Suminoe Textil de México, which will see its capacity expanded to face the challenge and strengthen its position in the market.The expansion will be carried out in the Castro del Río Industrial Park, located in Irapuato, Guanajuato, with an estimated investment of 600 million yen, equivalent to approximately 4.08 million dollars. Installation of the new production line is scheduled to begin in September 2024, followed by operational testing in October of the same year and the start of full-scale production in November 2024. (ICE CITTÀ DEL MESSICO)

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