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3 Aprile 2024

Stati Uniti


The text-to-video model debut in AI-powered video creation marks a notable advancement and a legal debate ahead and OpenAi’s CEO has scheduled meetings with Hollywood studios next week.The potential of OpenAI, a U.S.-based artificial intelligence research organization founded in December 2015, has been widely acknowledged. The recent unveiling of Sora, an application designed to revolutionize the creation of cinematic content without necessitating traditional film school education, marks a significant milestone for the company in the entertainment sector. As a research project still in its developmental stage, Sora is presently being evaluated by a select group of creators and security experts who are tasked with identifying any potential safety vulnerabilities through thorough testing. Although a public release date has not been announced, OpenAI has offered a preview to demonstrate the app’s capabilities.In the competitive arena of text-to-video AI technology, where major companies like Google and emerging startups like Runway have launched their initiatives, Sora sets itself apart with its exceptional photorealism and the capability to produce longer video clips, extending up to one minute. The specific duration required to render these videos remains undisclosed, but researchers suggest that the process is relatively swift. Early examples have shown the app’s potential to generate compelling visual narratives.Source: (ICE LOS ANGELES)

Fonte notizia: TheWrap