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15 Aprile 2024

Ruanda - Etiopia - Uganda - Tanzania


The suspension of tariffs is particularly beneficial for flower growers in countries such as Kenya, Ethiopia, Rwanda, Tanzania, and Uganda, which are renowned for their flourishing floral industries. These regions rely heavily on exporting cut flowers to international markets, with the UK being a key destination.By removing export tariffs for a period of two years, the UK aims to streamline trade processes and reduce costs associated with exporting flowers to the UK market. This initiative not only enhances the competitiveness of East African flower exports but also strengthens the economic ties between the UK and the region.Furthermore, the suspension of tariffs underscores the UK's commitment to supporting the growth and development of the floral industry in East Africa. By providing easier access to the UK market, this decision opens up new opportunities for flower growers and exporters in the region, enabling them to expand their businesses and reach a wider consumer base.Importantly, this move is expected to have a positive impact on UK consumers as well. With easier access to a diverse range of high-quality flowers from East Africa, consumers in the UK can enjoy enhanced availability, variety, and affordability when purchasing floral products.In 2022, Kenya ranked as the fourth largest exporter of cut flowers globally, while Ethiopia emerged as the second largest cut flower producer in Africa.Notably, trade in cut flowers between the UK and East African countries has been on the rise, with significant values ​​recorded in recent years. In 2023 alone, the trade value from Ethiopia amounted to £12.6 million, while Rwanda, Tanzania, and Uganda recorded trade values ​​of £727,000, £839,000, and £1.1 million, respectively. (ICE ADDIS ABEBA)

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