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14 Maggio 2024



The inauguration of the Product Testing and Exhibition Center by OMRON Automation Americas’ PoC Guadalajara, a flagship facility, took place recently in the heart of the financial district of the Guadalajara metropolitan area. The event showcased a wide range of innovations designed to optimize operations and increase productivity in the business and industrial sectors.Attendees had the opportunity to explore cutting-edge automation and possibilities for achieving perfection in inspection, from vision solutions to collaborative robot palletizing.At the event led by OMRON Automation Americas President, CEO, and COO Rob Black, attendees received practical demonstrations of state-of-the-art technologies, including vision solutions executed with GigE Vision and USB3 industrial cameras directly to the monitor, along with smart cameras designed for code reading and defect analysis, and an FH vision system integrating Artificial Intelligence for fine matching.Similarly, demonstrations related to collaborative robot palletizing, integrating vision systems and safety measures for unmatched traceability in logistics environments, were showcased. Advanced motion control demonstrations were also featured, allowing observation of integrated motion control operations using standard PLCOpen to enable independent, synchronized, and coordinated movement with the Sysmac platform. (ICE CITTÀ DEL MESSICO)

Fonte notizia: Mexico Industry