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24 Maggio 2024

Libano - Emirati Arabi Uniti


Em Sherif has expanded its presence in the UAE with the upcoming launch of Em Sherif Sea Cafe and Em Sherif Restaurant.  These ventures, both set to open in 2025, will mark a significant enhancement to Dubai’s vibrant culinary scene.  7 Management and ADIHH announced the introduction of the Em Sherif brand into the UAE. This joint venture has successfully secured the franchise rights for both Em Sherif Restaurant and Em Sherif Sea Cafe in the region.  This will see the introduction of the Em Sherif Restaurant for the first time, as well as the expansion of Em Sherif Sea Cafe, already present in Abu Dhabi, into Dubai.  Em Sherif Cafe, however, has successfully operating multiple locations in the UAE for years now.  “We have been longtime admirers of Em Sherif,” said Rabih Fakherddine, Founder and CEO of 7 Management said in a statement, “more than just a restaurant, this brand epitomizes a legacy of tradition and excellence, both regionally and globally.”  Ammar Ammer, CEO of ADIHH, shared his enthusiasm about the collaboration, stating: “We are delighted about our partnership with 7 Management. This marks a new era in the UAE’s hospitality sector, further reinforcing our standing in the industry.”  Founded in Beirut, Lebanon, in 2011, Em Sherif has grown to include 22 locations across the Middle East and Europe, with prestigious establishments in Monaco, London, Qatar, Egypt, Kuwait, and the UAE. It was also awarded the Silver Award of Merit by the Lebanese presidency.  It regularly wins awards and high rankings, including among the best restaurants in the MENA for multiple years.  Em Sherif is celebrated for its ability to present the rich tapestry of Lebanese cuisine, offering guests an authentic experience filled with cultural, historical, and familial warmth. (ICE BEIRUT)

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