News dalla rete ITA

30 Maggio 2024



The neo-broker company Amana has recently announced significant enhancements to its operations within  Lebanon. These enhancements include the introduction of advanced trading technology and a broader  array of tradable assets. This initiative comes in a bid to offer Lebanese investors access to a wide range of  global and regional markets through Amana’s trading platforms which feature:  • Access to a broad range of assets  • Easy portfolio management through one account  • Competitive spreads  • Advanced trading tools  • Easy payments  • Safety and regulation (Through CMA in Lebanon) .  According to the CEO of Amana, the aim of these enhancements is to bring sophisticated trading tools andbroader market access to Lebanese customers. Amana’s commitment is to offer a safe product proposition  ensuring that every Lebanese trader and investor can access global and regional markets.  Additionally, Amana’s platforms include features designed to cater to both novice and experienced traders  including educational resources, promoting financial literacy and empowering users to make informed  trading decisions. (ICE BEIRUT)

Fonte notizia: Bank Audi, Lebanon Weekly Monitor, 20 - 26 May 2024