IFIB 2020

The 10th edition of the International Forum on Industrial Biotechnology and Bioeconomy - IFIB 2020 (https://ifibwebsite.com/) was held on 1 and 2 October 2020, for the first time also in digital form, organized and promoted by Assobiotec, Lazioinno-va and with the collaboration of the National Cluster of Green Chemistry SPRING and the Enterprise Europe Network - EEN.


At the conference, which represents one of the most important conventions on industrial biotechnology and bioeconomy in Europe and in which Italian companies and startups in the sector participate, 20 potential foreign investors were connected online, which ICE-Agenzia selected and invited to participate through the network. of offices abroad.

The scheduled forums offered the reports of leading international experts on the main sectoral issues including Bioeconomy and Circular Economy, Marine Biotechnology, Life Sciences, Agrifood, Energy and Biorefineries that have become very topical in the Covid era19.

Foreign delegates, representing Investment Funds, Business Angel, Venture Capital companies, Corp Venture Capital and multinational companies in the sector and who may be interested in starting an industrial and / or financial collaboration with Italian companies, have connected by several countries including India, Qatar, Canada, Germany, Switzerland, Finland, UAE, Finland, Japan, Israel, Spain, UK, and Poland. Infact, during the two days of the Forum, investors were able to virtually meet Italian companies in a business side event thanks to a special online platform.

The foreign participation in IFIB 2020 intends to stimulate the interest of Biotechnological Multinationals and Foreign Investment Funds in the Italian biotech industry which has not yet managed to fully express its values ​​and potential as demonstrated by the still insufficient presence of large leading groups in Italian capital in the face of a large number of often very innovative companies