Rocco Forte Hotels builds 20 luxury villas in Sicily (2020)

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Rocco Forte Hotels is a European luxury hotel brand founded in 1996. It is the largest ultra-luxury hotel operator in Europe with 12 5-star properties. Each hotel is unique in design and reflects the culture and history of its location while maintaining the highest standards of luxury and service.

The brand has a collection of 14 hotels in prime locations across Europe, including several beach resorts in Sicily. In particular, the investment location is the Verdura Resort, an exclusive complex of villas built in 2009 on the southern coast of Sicily.

Investment description

The investment included the expansion of the company’s tourism services with the construction of 20 luxury villas to complete the touristic offer of Verdura Resort.

The “Invest in Italy” team supported the company throughout the process of evaluating the investment incentives and receiving financing from the Development Contract incentive program for investments in the tourism sector. 

The financing covered all the building works and plant works, the arrangement of the outdoor spaces and the purchase of equipment to launch the new business.


Accompanying facilities required:

- Support for incentive research


Press Release

-  Sicilia, Rocco Forte Hotels investe 20 milioni di euro grazie al contratto di sviluppo

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      Invest in Italy - A success story on Rocco Forte Hotels 

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