With a growth which had not been recorded since 2005, the Italian digital market reached a 2.3% increase from the previous year in 2017.

In this period, the total market value exceeded 68,700 million euros and the forecasts for the next three years (2018-2020) are confident of an average annual 2.7% growth rate.

This result is due to a profound demand change in all the main related sectors - from Finance to Industry, to Distribution to Utilities -  specifically focused on the potential of platforms that animate digital transformation. This is why the segments associated with the main Digital Enablers are growing in double digits, and are expected to keep driving the entire market, starting with softwares and services.

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Competitive Advantage

  • 2th in the World for competitiveness in the Electronic components sectors (Source:  The Ranking of competitiveness of the Trade Performance Index 2016)
  • Italy has some of the world’s best engineering universities. Indeed, engineering is the 2nd highest course for enrolment in the country – 225,619 currently studying an engineering discipline  (Source: Ministry of Education)