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CM Automation has been an active player in the field of industrial movement and handling since 1999 and has now become a tried and true leader in Italy.
We design, manufacture and install lines for interior movement and handling, overhead and floor conveyors, offering monorail, two-rail and manual conveyors.
The flexibility that defines our company allows to meet and satisfy any and every variation or request, inlcuding the integration and supply of spare parts for our lines or even those installedy by other companies.
Since 2011, following the acquisition of FA Ganci in Modena, we have been able to complete our offer by providing every type of hook, transport unit and specific accessories for painting systems and lines.

Year of establishment:


Number of employees:


Annual turnover:

between 2.5 and 5 million Euro

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Export turnover:

From 750.000 to 2.5 million Euro


Manufacturing of other lifting and moving machinery and equipment

Manufacturing of other means of transport nec

Overhead power&free conveyor type XD37 by CM Automazione Italy

Overhead power&free conveyor type XD45/59 P&F by CM Automazione Italy

Conveyor type X31 inverted by CM Automazione Italy

Overhead power&free conveyor type XD45/59 P&F by CM Automazione Italy

Overhead monorail conveyor type X45P by CM Automazione Italy

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CM Automazione is a reference point for installers and professionals that have to puchase accessories and spare parts for conveyors, special systems, conveyors and industrial handling systems.

Alongside the bi-planar chains, you can find:
- Automatic lubrication systems;
- Cleaning accessories for chains and trolleys;
- Electrical control equipment, speed variation drives;
- Electro-pneumatic actuators for two-rail exchange;
- Anti-dust protections for hooks for the items.

Mixed conveyor manual and Power & free two-rail XD37/45-06 for radiator painting line.
Features: Automatic movement with stops in the polymerization oven; Manual handling in the loading/unloading and application area.

Power & free two-rail conveyor XD45/59-02 is an overhead conveyor for metal parts painting line.
Features: three handling lines (service, pretreatment and finishing); Overall bi-planar chain covering 543 meters; transport unit length 12.000 mm.; maximum load 1.000 daN for each transport unit.

Overhead monorail conveyor X37-01 is a Conveyor for mannequin painting line.
Features: Overall coverage of bi-planar chain/line of 40 meters; Rotating hooks with multiple spring-latches at 45° with 200 mm spacing.

Overhead monorail conveyor X37-05 is a Conveyor for painting line of cast iron elements.
Features: Overall coverage of bi-planar chain/line of 240 meters; Pitch 600 mm; rotation in the spray booth.